Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Specialized in criminal law services in Barcelona

Sofia Sanchez Delgado act in Criminal Proceedings designing the best strategy for defending the interests of our clients, with respect to both private prosecution as well as defense.

– Corporate Defense: Criminal Liability derived from the commission of a crime within a company.

– Crimes against property (burglary, theft, fraud, undue appropriation, extortion another frauds)

– Corruption offenses.

– Crimes against the Treasury and Social Security

– Criminal Law related to labour law.

– Crimes against the environment.

– Counterfeit

– Crimes against public administration and administration of justice.

– Crimes involving dishonesty

– Crimes related to life and offenses against the personal integrity (personal injuries).

– Threats and coercion.

– Domestic violence. Criminal Law related to Family Law: Crimes against family rights and duties.

– Crimes against privacy, the right to self – image and the inviolability of the home.

– Crimes against honour: libel.

– Crimes against health.

– Crimes against road safety.

– Crimes against the public order.



In the area of corporate criminal prevention, Sofia Sanchez Delgado   advises companies and executives, develops specific criminal prevention programs and conducts training and information for managers.