Other Areas

Other Areas

Other areas of practice in legal advisory


Private international law regulates legal relations between individuals or companies when involving an international element.  This situation occurs, for example, in the case of international inheritance when a foreign person dies leaving property in Spain, when the heirs are of different nationalities, or when the heritage includes goods in different countries.

Sofia Sanchez Delgado provide advice and services related to international inheritance: planning and drafting of wills, probate, and inheritance acceptances.

Debt recovery and litigation

Sofia Sanchez Delgado can help in debt claims or amounts derived from other legal situations, judicial and extrajudicial, and also defend our clients against Court complaints.

Tort law and liability

We can help you to get the compensation due for personal injury or property damage caused by defective products, or medical malpractice, traffic accidents, falls on the street or commercial establishments, damage to homes or buildings by construction defects.

Administrative law

Sofia Sanchez Delgado advises and defends the interests of individuals and companies to local, regional and state administration in matters such as the processing and management of licenses and permits, appeals against administrative penalties, expropriation and planning.

It provides defense in all kinds of administrative and contentious administrative proceedings.