Real Estate

Real Estate

Property lawyers specialized in real estate law and construction advisory


Areas of action of our real estate attorney:

Buying property

Sofia Sanchez Delgado services range from checking the planning, administrative and registration status of the property, preparing documentation, drafting and supervision of contracts, settlement of taxes and compliance with all legal and tax obligations derived from the sell-purchase.

Our lawyers are specialized and have the necessary skills to carry out their sale or purchase with full legal certainty.

Previously we conducted a complete Due Diligence to check all legal matters concerning property aspects (charges and taxes, registration status, urban situation, etc.).

Contracts of promotion and construction

We advise and negotiate promotion contracts, delegated promotion, Project Management and other contracts related to real estate development, construction contracts and contracts ” with architects, engineers and other technicians involved in the construction process.

Our team also advises on compliance with the applicable regulations in the sale of homes by promoters.


We negotiate and draft all kinds of leases of all types of buildings and commercial premises and defend clients in court, either as plaintiff or defendant, on issues arising from the lease.

Communities and horizontal property owners

Sofia Sanchez Delgado provides advice related to owner communities (condo), such as: constitution, constitution drafting, advise in owners meetings or conflict resolution, among others.


We defend the interests of our clients in Court proceedings in the following issues: default, execution or interpretation of contracts relating to real estate buying and selling; hidden defects; building contracts with construction professionals;  termination of condominium;  leases (evictions , claim rents, contract termination, etc.), performing claims against annoying, harmful or dangerous activities; foreclosures, among others.